Borderless Interaction

Language is an essential tool for communication. Every day we are reminded of the important role it plays in intercultural understanding. It plays a major role in business and our societies in general. As we move closer towards Globalization, we come face to face with the need for effective and better communications. Global Heart was essentially established to promote the concept of effective communications and understanding among people with diverse cultural, historical, geographical as well as political backgrounds.
Cultural barriers are difficult to overcome.The human mind is unfathomable. Yet we at Global Heart strive to expand the circle of human understanding, just as a stone cast in water spreads an ever-expanding circle of waves.Our translation expertise spans a wide range, including business documents, advertisements, magazine articles, and software manuals. Our detail-oriented, qualified professionals produce accurate translations in the style appropriate to the individual text. Our team of interpretation experts are available to assist you with specialized knowledge in a variety of areas including the computer, medical and legal fields.
Time is a luxury that often comes in short supply. At Global Heart we understand this limitation and we see to it that each document you hand over to us gets done at the earliest time possible and at the same time maintaining the integrity and quality of the finished job.